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As much as I hate to do this, Fotki has taken away all my full sized pics. I was ill, so hadn't been on either of my sites, so was not aware of it. They did not email me with this change. Also besides charging me for my two premium sites, they want even more money for me to have full sized pics stored. Sort of like changing the rules in the middle of the game. So please enjoy what you can use, without it being full-sized. Sorry folks! :(
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Welcome to AngelDragon's Domain
My name is Deb aka LadyBug. This site is a sister site to
BumbleBee & LadyBug's Garden.
It will be where all the tags we have snagged, had made for us by groups or the tags we have made will be archived.
So have fun and snag as many as you'd like.
And be sure to visit us at The Garden!
Please let us know how you enjoyed your visit, either here or in The Garden by leaving us a comment in our guestbooks.
Also feel free to request tags at The Garden.
The Garden also has games, recipes, poetry, art and much much more.
Also check out our other sister site, BumbleBee's site for all her cool wallpapers she makes! :) She has also archived all her tags she makes there! Come check it out! :)

Take care, stay well and stay safe.
Big Hugs,
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Tag Extra's February 2010
These are snags from other sites.
I claim no rights to these and thank the very talented taggers that created them.
Big Hugs
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Pics of Dragons
I claim no rights to any of these pics.
They are snagged from various sites and are created by very talented artists.
Thank you and big hugs.
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New February 2010
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Tags Created By Betty & Deb
Newly added Febuary 2010
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AngelDragon's Wallpapers
Wallpapers By AngelDragon
These are always being I make them.
So periodically there will be new ones!
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Blank Tag Snags
New June 2, 2008
Thank you to the wonderful taggers that made these!
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Large Backgrounds
Backgrounds for tags, desktop wallpaper, scrapbooking, etc.
These were snagged from other websites, I take no credit for them and thank the wonderful artists and photographers!
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Misc Name Tags
Alphabetical Albums
albums: 16
Misc Tag Extras
These are all snags, All made by numerous artists. I take no credit for any of these.
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New Tag Names
April 1, 2008
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Tag Snags
New Tag Extras
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Tag Snags
New June 2, 2008
These are all snagged.
Thank you to all the talented Taggers for making these!
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Tag Names From BumbleBee and LadyBug's Garden
These are tags made by Betty and Deb
New May 13, 2008
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Tag Extras
these are all snagged
Thank you to the taggers that made these. :)
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Tag Names Alphabetically
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Tag Names
Tag Names
These are all the tag names made at BumbleBee
and LadyBugs Garden.
They are not sorted, sorry. But just don't have the
time to sort them all.
Have fun snagging!
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